2011 Mason and Wetherill Reunion

The 2011 Mason and Wetherill Reunion took place in the Tumwater Historic Park, Tacoma Washington.
IMG 0835  Group photo of both the Mason and Wetherill families. IMG 0817  Richard, Beulah, Rick, Julie and Daniel Lilley IMG 0850  L to R     Darwin Lilley, Michael Reeves, Sherry, Rosalie & Merriam Roscoe, Mark Foster, Richard Lilley, Valerie Foster, Beulah Lilley, David Quimet,  in front Karen Reeves & Chloe Lilley, Denise Lilley& Rick Lilley, Elaine Reeves, Julie Lilley, Betty Lilley, Debbie Ivers, Oleta Stewart, Marvin Lilley, Loren Lilley, Edward Smith & Delbert Lilley IMG 0838  Delbert Lilley with back to camera, Loren Lilley , Edward Smith by trash can, Darwin Lilley , Val Foster, Rosalie Roscoe in pink Chloe Lilley, Merriam Roscoe. Denise Lilley, David  Kaylie Jessica Quimet, Rick Lilley,  Oleta Stewart, Debra Ivers, Karen Reeves, Reggie Shepard, Beulah + Richard Lilley. Ben Dunkelberger in green shirt, Eloise Nicolich, and  Angie  Cannady IMG 0846  2nd from left   Larry Lee, Eloise + Charlie Nicolich, Leonard + Edna Workman, Anna +Ernest Robbins IMG 0821  Lynn Lilley, Oleta Stewart, Darwin Lilley in black hat, Richard Lilley and Ralph Hall
IMG 0842  Tabatha Corrigan,  ? , ?, Tall Man in black shirt is Damien + Lantia Corrigan, girl in green shirt is Perry Corrigan, Erica Sanders, Anita Sanders, Don’t know who’s in green shirt behind Anita, Peggy and Ben Dunkelberger with Milford Sanders behind, and Larry Lee with the W on his hat. IMG 0878  Sue nad her daughter Kandi Lee IMG 0900  Loren Lilley and Leonard Workman with Laney and Michael Reeves IMG 0896.1  Ernest Robbins, Angie Cannady IMG 0855  LaWanda Smith, Ralph Hall, Marie + Jim Shaffner IMG 0832
IMG 0831  Edward Smith and the clan IMG 0890  Darwin Lilley, Anita Sanders, Brett Craft and Paula Craft. IMG 0895  Ben Dunkelberger IMG 0894  Peggy Dunkelberger IMG 0892  Leonard and Edna Workman IMG 0891  Reggie Shepard, Delbert Lilley, Oleta Stewart and Donna Shepard
IMG 0889  Wanda Eaton Smith IMG 0887  Reggie and Donna Shepard IMG 0886  Debra Ivers IMG 0885  Rick, Richard, Julie, Beulah Lilley, Debra Ivers, Laney Reeves IMG 0884  Debra Ivers, Laney Reeves, Lawanda Smith, Denise Lilley IMG 0883  Julie, Richard, Beulah Lilley, Oleta Stewart
IMG 0881  Bunny Sanders, Darwin Lilley , ?, Donna Shepard, Betty Lilley, Reggie Shepard, Delbert Lilley IMG 0880  Richard Lilley IMG 0879  Laney Reeves IMG 0819  Richard , Beulah Lilley, Lawanda Smith, Rick, Julie, Daniel Lilley, Jim Shaffner IMG 0864  Jim Shaffner, Richard, Darwin Lilley IMG 0860  Kids
IMG 0857  Lawanda Smith, Edna Workman, Angie Cannady IMG 0873  Delbert Lilley, Jim Shaffner, Richard Lilley IMG 0874  Delbert Lilley Jim Shaffner, Richard Lilley, Lawanda Eaton Smith IMG 0862  Lynn Lilley IMG 0861  Marie garcia Shaffner, Richard Lilley, Darwin Lilley IMG 0853  Lawanda Eaton Smith, Jim Shaffner
IMG 0858  ?, Val Foster, Laney Reeves, Mark Foster, Karen Reeves, Michael Reeves IMG 0848  Angie and David Cannady, Eloise Nicolich IMG 0833  Lawanda Eaton Smith on the run. IMG 0829  Beulah Lilley and g-grandson Bennett Foster IMG 0824  LaWanda Smith, Marie Shaffner, Rick Lilley, Julie Lilley IMG 0932  The Oyster House in Olympia Washington.  The photo of Charlie Mason gathering Oysters is in the dining room of the Oyster House (Next Photo).
IMG 0926  L-R Marie Garcia Shaffner. Wanda Eaton Smith, Ralph Hall, Delbert Lilley, Betty Lilley, Beulah Lilley, Richard Lilley. Oyster House Olympia, Washington IMG 0929  Charlie Mason holding the rake while collecting Oysters. This photo is hanging in the Oyster House in Olympia, Washington. 2011Mason-WetherillReunionNumbers1 2011Mason-Wetherillpictures2