Snider's Well

A site survey of Snider's Well near Yucca House.
IMG 9488  This photo was taken from the top of the Snider's Well area . The first column of rock is Chimney Rock in the Ute Mountain Tribal Park and near the entrance to Mancos Canyon. The column of rock in the far distance is Shiprock and the locals call the middle one, Flat Top. IMG 9533  Jim Wetherill Shaffner standing in the remnant hole of the Richard Wetherill excavation of the mid 1890's. Richard Wetherill uncovered a mass of human bones and skulls which may have been the result of a mass murder. yuccahouse  Overlay model of Yucca House on the hilltop. Holloway 2009. yucca house  Model II of Yucca House. Holloway 2009. williamjacksonphoto  William Jackson photo of Yucca House 1871. IMG 9480  Bob Bernhart
IMG 9510 IMG 9484 IMG 9485  Diane McBride IMG 9483 IMG 9493 IMG 9494
IMG 9495 IMG 9502 IMG 9498 IMG 9482  Marie Garcia Shaffner. Marie was Superintendent of Schools for the Belen school district and now retired. She has taken on the role as a resource for those   interested in Tome, New Mexico history. IMG 9500 IMG 9492
IMG 9491 IMG 9506 IMG 9517 IMG 9516  Pretty good size horse shoe. IMG 9514  This is the general area of the Snider property facilities in 1894 IMG 9518  Fred Blackburn. This is the general area of the Snider property facilities in 1894
IMG 9513 IMG 9509  Double Kiva's near Snider's Well. IMG 9508 IMG 9507 IMG 9499  Dale Diede, Bob Bernhart, Jim Shaffner, Bob McBride, Diane McBride, Fred Blackburn, Nancy Evans, Robert Sawyer. IMG 9505  Pot handle piece found at the site.
IMG 9504  Pot handle piece found at the site. IMG 9521  This is the general area of the Snider property facilities in 1894. IMG 9522  Jim shaffner and Robert Sawyer near the south edge of Snider's Well. IMG 9519  Fred Blackburn kindly shared his fascinating historic research of Snider's Well and surrounds as a kickoff orientation to the area. IMG 9536  Snider's Well covered in brush. in 1894 there were no trees or brush. IMG 9520  Dale Diede and Fred Blackburn. Dale handles the GIS mapping for the group.
IMG 9537  Nancy Evans, Bob Bernhart, Robert Sawyer, Bob McBride, Fred Blackburn, Diane McBride. Nancy Evans is the news editorfor the archeology chapter. IMG 9535  Jim Shaffner in the depression of Snider's Well. IMG 9540 IMG 9538  Fred Blackburn describing Snider's Well rediscovery and NPS relationship to it. Fred is a local historian and author. Fred Blackburn is also an independent guide, author, and contractor responsible for organizing the donation of Wetherill family collections to the Anasazi Heritage Center. He serves as a liaison between the Anasazi Heritage Center and the Wetherill family in a volunteer role. He has written extensively about the early archaeological era of the Four Corners. He co-authored with Dr. Ray Williamson Cowboys and Cave Dwellers, reviewing early archaeological explorations in the Grand Gulch and Mesa Verde region. IMG 9548  L-R Bob Bernhart, Dale Diede, Robert sawyer, Bob McBride, Fred Blackburn, Jim Shaffner, Diane McBride, Nancy Evans. Diane McBrideis a writer, surveyor, artifact analyst and site map maker. IMG 9549  Jim Shaffner is the grandson of Richard Wetherill. He is the webmaster for the Wetherill family website as well as other sites related to history of the Four Corners area. He is researching the Snider's Well area for a  book about the Wetherill family and in particular Richard Wetherill. The Snider's Well excavation by Richard Wetherill in 1894 was on a return trip from Grand Gulch, Utah
IMG 9550  Bob McBride and hound. Bob is the lead investigator for the group. IMG 9551  Bob McBride in Snider's Well. The house foundation that we found and recorded today is located about 40 meters east of Snider's Well and about 15 meters east of our Survey Area on the Karwick property.  It consisted of 29 sandstone slabs in rough rectangular alignment measuring 4.5x5 meters (Feature 1).  Fred indicated that this was Snider's homestead (circa 1890) and that Fred had photo's of this place showing a white wooden structure and that he might be willing to let us use the in our report.  Nothing is left where this structure once stood other than the sandstone slabs, a wooden post, and artifacts.  There were a total of 48 artifacts in the immediate vicinity of the foundation mostly small window pane glass shards.  Some purple glass bottles shards found are datable.  Both square and machine made nails were present. Brown and green glass was also present and a small phenolic button.  East of the house foundation a few meters was a pit which Fred believed to be an outhouse (Feature 2), but no structure remained only a few sandstone slabs. The area surrounding the house and intermixed with the above historic artifacts are puebloan artifacts and a double kiva depression (Fearure 3) each measuring 7 meter diameter and 0.5 meters deep. Artifacts recorded: 47 pottery sherds and 33 flakes.  All of the 33 diagnostic sherds were PIII (A.D. 1150-1300) . On the second transect we found another Kiva (Feature 4) measuring 10m dia x 1.2m deep. This dia is associated with the minimum size of a great kiva.   Artifacts associated with this kiva indicate a date of PIII (A.D. 1150-1300).  Both of the kiva features, 3&4, had no associated room blocks or other structures above ground.  Both were on top of a narrow ridge running to the southeast.  Both were separated by only 35 m. We completed three N-S transects with a 5 m spacing between us. This is tighter spacing than our usual 15 m spacing because of the rocky ground clutter makes it difficult to spot artifacts. This spacing seem to work well. IMG 9553  Bob McBride in Snider's Well. IMG 9554  Area around Snider's Well. IMG 9555  Area around Snider's Well. IMG 9557  Oysters Packed by Cornforth Fish Co., listed in the 1911 Colorado Business Directory, Denver C-D, Denver County.
IMG 9562 IMG 9565  Ammonite fossil found at the site. it's predatory marine mollusk. IMG 9567  Ammonite fossil found at the site. it's predatory marine mollusk. IMG 9573 IMG 9572 IMG 9574
IMG 9575  Marie Garcia Shaffner, Fred Blackburn standing on the south edge of Snider's Well. IMG 9577 copy  Jim Shaffner, Marie Garcia Shaffner, Fred Blackburn standing of the south edge of Snider's Well.